The AMA provides a variety of educational resources focused on precision medicine, including continuing medical education, to help physicians ethically apply genomic information at the point of care.

Advancing public health

The AMA leads the charge on public health. Our members are the frontline of patient care, expanding access to care for underserved patients and developing key prevention strategies. 

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  1. CME, webinars boost better prescribing practices via pharmacogenomics

    1. Promoting current best practices and guidance on the clinical application of pharmacogenomics
  2. Precision medicine and genomics: understanding implication and applications

    1. Earn CME and stay informed about techniques and innovations in genetics and precision medicine
  3. Risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing for BRCA-related cancer

    1. Review the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations regarding BRCA-related cancer
  4. Dec. 2010 AMA Journal of Ethics: Governing Human Genome Editing

    1. Learn more about today's key ethical worries on genome editing
  5. Sept. 2018 AMA Journal of Ethics: Ethics in Precision Health

    1. Explore ethical issues about privacy, informed consent, and social justice
  6. Ethics Talk: Protecting patients and promoting inclusivity in precision health research

    1. Ethics Talk presents strategies for protecting participants

Stay up to date

Explore topics and initiatives to further precision medicine and its innovations to clinical practice and digital health.

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