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Pharmacogenomics Virtual Summit Series

2021 Pharmacogenomics Virtual Summits

The AMA and ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) are committed to exploring the potential of pharmacogenomics-based selection, dosing and monitoring of medications to improve health outcomes.

To further clinicians’ understanding of this emerging area of medicine, the AMA and ASHP hosted an informative series of virtually convened and facilitated webinars in 2021 to evaluate the evidence base, identify and promote current best practices and guidance on the clinical application of pharmacogenomics, and understand the health equity implications of adoption.

The series is divided into multiple, information-packed two-hour summits featuring leaders in the field. Each webinar will provide helpful and practical insights.

  1. Summit 1: Pharmacogenomics landscape

    Leading experts introduce pharmacogenomics and the value it can bring to patient care.

  2. Summit 2: Current state of pharmacogenomics

    Gain insights into Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guidelines and the FDA perspective, and hear best practices from early adopters.

  3. Summit 3: Integration into practice

    Hear from a diverse array of experts who have successfully integrated pharmacogenomics into practice—from integrating CPIC guidelines into care practices to communicating pharmacogenomic results.

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  4. Summit 4: Clinical guidelines

    Discover how specialties are building state-of-the-art clinical guidelines and how the medical community can foster cross-specialty integration.

  5. Summit 5: Implementation

    Explore the challenges and potential solutions for implementing pharmacogenomics into practice through clinical decision support.

  6. Summit 6: Future state and driving adoption

    Learn why pharmacogenomics is worthy of institutional investment and how research, education and consumer genomic testing will impact the future of pharmacogenomics.

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