• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Discover some of the reasons that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth are at high risk for suicide and find suggestions for how parents and schools can approach their LGBTQ youth about this subject.
  • American Association for Suicidology: Access this fact sheet (PDF) from the American Association of Suicidology to find insights into the risk factors for suicide in the LGBTQ youth community and suggested resources for further action.
  • National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention: Find general suicide prevention resources from this public-private partnership.
  • It Gets Better: Find testimonials from around the world aimed at providing inspiration for LGBTQ youth. Celebrities, public figures and citizens contribute encouraging words, preaching perseverance through difficult periods and providing examples of how the future for LGBTQ youth is bright.
  • I'm From Driftwood: Watch inspiring first-person accounts of being LGBTQ in America.

Join the AMA member group that advocates for LGBTQ patients and physicians. 

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