Updated Dec. 6, 2021

Throughout the COVID-19  pandemic, the AMA is curating critical health equity resources from across the web to examine the structural issues that contribute to and could exacerbate already existing inequities. 

  1. COVID-19 health equity initiatives across the United States

    1. Read case studies from health care organizations and their initiatives to address health disparities in marginalized communities impacted by COVID-19.

  2. AMA and Center for Health Equity resources on COVID-19

    1. Explore AMA’s position on health equity and see how the AMA is working to address the root causes of inequities.
  3. Health literacy resources on inequities & for non-English speakers

    1. Explore the history/causes of health inequities and obtain community education resources for non-English speakers.
  4. The role of data collection in the COVID-19 pandemic

    1. Access trackers, maps, a dashboard, and information about initiatives underway to collect data on health inequities impacting various groups—including racism and xenophobia against Asian Americans; and understand the importance of data during the pandemic and beyond.
  5. Impact of COVID-19 on minoritized and marginalized communities

    1. Find out how COVID-19 has impacted the Black, Latinx, Native American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, LGBTQ and disability, as well as rural communities.
  6. COVID-19 FAQs: Health equity in a pandemic

    1. AMA looks at some of the reasons why marginalized and minoritized patients have and will suffer disproportionally during the COVID-19 crisis. Read the frequently asked questions on health equity in a pandemic. 
  7. States tracking COVID-19 race and ethnicity data

    1. Data on racial and ethnic patterns of the COVID-19 pandemic show that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting black communities.
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