The Prioritizing Equity series illuminates how COVID-19 and other determinants of health uniquely impact marginalized communities, public health and health equity, with an eye on both short-term and long-term implication.

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  1. Prioritizing Equity Spotlight series: Beyond an apology to restorative justice

    1. In this Prioritizing Equity Spotlight session, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Medical Association Foundation, a panel of leaders discusses the pathways to equity both within their organizations and across medicine.

  1. Prioritizing Equity video series: Critical race theory & intersectionality

    1. Leaders discuss critical race theory and its applications to the field of health equity.

  2. Prioritizing Equity video series: Accomplices and co-conspirators

    1. Experts examine the ways white physicians can get actively involved in the fight for racial justice. 

  3. Prioritizing Equity video series: Celebrating & reflecting during Pride Month

    1. This discussion focuses on what physicians can do to best support and center the voices of LGBTQ patients while continuing to advance health equity.
  4. Prioriziting Equity video series: Getting to justice in education

    1. In this edition of the Prioritizing Equity series, leaders in medical education discuss the importance of embedding equity in health care education and envision new paths towards justice.
  5. Prioritizing Equity video series: How the past informs the present in health care

    1. Leaders in health and higher education discuss why acknowledging historical harms is critical to bringing lasting change to health care.
  6. Prioritizing Equity video series: Building alliance & sharing power to achieve health equity

    1. Join health leaders as they discuss why advancing health equity must require sharing power through effective alliances with those who have experienced marginalization.

  7. Prioritizing Equity video series: Advancing equity through quality & safety during COVID-19

    1. In this edition of the Prioritizing Equity series, health leaders examine how quality and safety can drive equitable health care during COVID-19 and beyond.

  8. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & employer vaccine equity

    1. Join the AMA for a panel discussion on why employers must be as equally invested as the government and health care community in ensuring equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines for their workforce.

  9. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & minoritized physicians

    1. The AMA's Prioritizing Equity series brings together revered voices to discuss how a year of the pandemic has impacted minoritized and marginalized physicians.

  10. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & trauma-informed approaches

    1. Join leaders in health justice discuss how trauma-informed approaches impact advancing equity during COVID-19.

  11. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & disability

    1. Join health justice leaders and advocates as they discuss the ways in which COVID-19 uniquely impacts people with disabilities.

  12. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 vaccine & equitable distribution

    1. Join leaders in health justice as they discuss strategies for equity in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

  13. Prioritizing Equity video series: Trustworthiness & vaccines

    1. Join leaders in health justice in a discussion about misinformation, trustworthiness and strategies to handle vaccine hesitancy among patients and health care professionals.

  14. Prioritizing Equity video series: Research and data for health equity

    1. Join leaders in public health and academia in a conversation about the power of data in understanding health inequities and the systemic issues that cause them to persist.

  15. Prioritizing Equity video series: 2020 Election - Moving forward

    1. Join physician leaders in a post-election conversation focusing on centering equity in health policy 2020 and beyond, plus what needs to be critical priorities when it comes to advancing advance racial and health justice.

  16. Prioritizing Equity video series: Examining race-based medicine

    1. Join public health leaders for a critical conversation on alternative approaches to dismantling race-based medicine across clinical practice, education and research.
  17. Prioritizing Equity video series: Structural racism and the Latinx community

    1. For Hispanic Heritage Month, join public health leaders as they discuss insights on COVID-19 and the Latinx community.
  18. Prioritizing Equity video series: Chicago’s response to COVID-19

    1. Join some of Chicago's public health leaders as they share lessons learned, discuss the importance of equity and illuminate the challenges health departments have faced in response to the pandemic.
  19. Prioritizing Equity video series: Voting during the COVID-19 pandemic

    1. Join health equity leaders as they discuss the ways in which COVID-19 may uniquely impact the traditional voting process.
  20. Prioritizing Equity video series: Lessons NYC has learned from COVID-19

    1. Join physician leaders from the New York City Department of Health as they discuss the lessons the city has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  21. Prioritizing Equity video series: Political determinants of health

    1. Join physicians and health equity leaders as they discuss how political determinants of health impact health equity, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  22. Prioritizing Equity video series: Mental health & COVID-19

    1. Join physicians and health equity leaders as they illuminate COVID-19's immediate and long-term effects on the mental health of minoritized and marginalized communities.
  23. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & Asian American & Pacific Islander voices

    1. Explore the ways COVID-19 may uniquely impact Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.
  24. Prioritizing Equity video series: Moving upstream

    1. Join physicians and health equity leaders as they illuminate the ways in which physicians are moving upstream to a more equitable health care system.

  25. Prioritizing Equity video series: LGBTQ voices

    1. COVID-19 has uniquely impacted LGBTQ individuals and communities. Hear from LGBTQ physician leaders on topics such as the pandemic’s impact on testing, trends and equity concerns in health care and beyond.

  26. Prioritizing Equity video series: The root cause & considerations for health care professionals

    1. Practicing physicians and health care experts share how they are addressing root causes of inequity during the COVID-19 era and beyond.

  27. Prioritizing Equity video series: Police brutality & COVID-19

    1. The Prioritizing Equity video series examines police brutality and racism, discussing how physicians and others can address root causes of inequity by naming racism.
  28. Prioritizing Equity video series: The root cause

    1. Hear diverse perspectives on health equity, from trailblazers to current advocates, whose work is driving by the mission to address the root cause of health inequity and the social determinants of health.
  29. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & Native voices in the field

    1. Explore the ways COVID-19 has impacted Native communities across the country. Hear from leaders on topics such as how to build trust with Native communities who may be skeptical of the medical field.
  30. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & Latinx voices in the field

    1. Hear from Latino/a/x physicians on the ways COVID-19 has impacted Latino/a/x communities, the pandemics impact on immigrant communities, testing, trends and equity.
  31. Prioritizing Equity video series: COVID-19 & the experiences of medical students

    1. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting physicians-in-training in unique and complex ways. Hear from the young, leading voices of our nation’s medical institutions as they share the health equity. 
  32. Prioritizing Equity video series: Strengthening the public health infrastructure to battle crises

    1. Leaders from the nation’s public health institutions illuminate the ways in which COVID-19 may uniquely impact public health, the health of minoritized and marginalized public health leaders, communities of color, and patients that are historically and contemporality experience inequities.
  33. Prioritizing Equity video series: The Experience of physicians of color and COVID-19

    1. Learn more about what some of the leading physician experts had to say about COVID-19’s effect on doctors and patients of color across the U.S.

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed in these videos are those of the participants and/or do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the AMA.

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