COVID-19 frontline health care heroes

We salute the health professionals committed to applying their knowledge and skills when needed, though doing so may put them at risk.


Mount Auburn Hospital Covid-19 heroes; Photo courtesy Jason Imperato, MD

Mount Auburn Hospital

First and foremost is the obligation to "provide urgent medical care during disasters," an obligation that holds "even in the face of greater than usual risk to physicians' own safety, health or life." —AMA Code of Medical Ethics, Opinion 8.3  (Photo courtesy Jason Imperato, MD)

Georgetown University School of Medicine; Photo courtesty Adrian Cotarelo

Georgetown University School of Medicine

"As physicians, we are bound in our response by a common heritage of caring for the sick and the suffering. Through the centuries, individual physicians have fulfilled this obligation by applying their skills and knowledge competently, selflessly and at times heroically." —AMA Declaration of Professional Responsibility (Photo courtesy Adrian Cotarelo, @AdrianCotarelo)

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