AMA Ambassador Program

Spread the word about how Membership Moves Medicine™ in your practice, your network, your community.

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Ambassador mid-year survey due July 15

Take 5–10 minutes to complete the mid-year survey. Please submit this form by July 15 to receive a thank you gift.

The objective of this mid-year survey is to collect feedback on being an AMA Ambassador, gauge interest in potential new programs (e.g., Ambassador Program Speakers Bureau, Subject Matter Expert Ambassador training) and update contact information (if applicable).

AMA Ambassador Group

What are the goals of this member program?

  • Equip members with the skills and knowledge to confidently speak to the AMA's initiatives and the value of membership.
  • Cultivate a supportive and diverse AMA ambassador community with opportunities to connect both in-person and online.
  • Invest in and recognize the AMA's most active and loyal members.
  • Increase overall awareness about what the AMA does for physicians and their patients.

Ambassador Program 2021

What's involved in being an ambassador?

Frank Alexander Clark, MD


Join the ambassador community, attend training sessions and access the activation app.

Avani Patel


Speak up in-person and online about how the AMA is the physicians’ powerful ally in patient care.

Raj B. Lal, MD


Be the first to know about new initiatives, events and resources, and gain access to a network of peers and mentors.

Dr. Dionne Hart, an advocate for people with mental illness.


Share how AMA Membership Moves Medicine™, proof that members are the driving force behind the AMA’s impactful work.

Kyle Edmonds, MD

Program benefits

  • Scholarships to attend and be trained at the AMA advocacy conferences
  • Leadership development and digital fellowship opportunities
  • AMA core message and social media training
  • Give critical input on and beta test new products and resources
  • Network at VIP events and with AMA leadership
  • Opportunity to attend the annual ambassador bootcamp
  • Receive recognition for your advocacy efforts


What should you expect next?

 Bukky Ajabe and Priscilla Mpasi
  • Submit an application; once it has been approved, you'll receive a welcome email and an invitation to join our activation app, Smarp
  • Download the Smarp activation app, create an account (link will be provided in the email) and watch the self-guided tutorial
  • In the welcome email, you’ll be prompted to join the ambassador online communities
  • Attend a training session at the next AMA meeting, or contact staff for a one-on-one session
  • Automatically be registered to receive our monthly Ambassador Alerts electronic newsletter

Ambassador Program leadership

The ambassador program is for members, created by members.

A stethoscope sitting on top of an Apple laptop.

Meet your 2021 steering committee members

  • Jerry Abraham, MD, MPH
  • Tiffani Bell, MD
  • Dan Choi, MD
  • Nancy Church, MD
  • Matthew Lecuyer, MD
  • Nicole Riddle, MD
  • Elizabeth Southworth, MD
  • David Welsh, MD
  • Siobhan Wescott, MD, MPH

Digital fellows

Ambassadors put a human face to the AMA—read about two of our AMAzing ambassadors.

Questions? Contact the AMA Ambassador Program team.