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AMA-OMSS Meetings & Events

The 2015 OMSS Interim Meeting was held Nov. 12-14 at the Hilton Atlanta.

  • For those in attendance, we hope that you enjoyed the meeting and that it met your professional and personal needs.
  • For those who were unable to attend, we hope to see you at the 2016 OMSS Annual Meeting, June 9-11 in Chicago. Subscribe to the OMSS email list to be notified when information about the meeting becomes available.

Important post-meeting action items:

(1) Report back to your medical staff

The success of the OMSS depends on its ability to spread its message and resources to medical staffs across the country. The following resources are provided to aid OMSS representatives in updating their medical staff colleagues on the events of the Interim Meeting and, more broadly, on the ongoing activities of the OMSS.

Meeting summary

Meeting summary presentation
Contact the OMSS to request an editable PowerPoint version of this presentation.

Meeting proceedings
Outlines the actions taken by the OMSS Assembly and the AMA House of Delegates on OMSS items of business.

(2) Claim CME credit by December 31

Visit the AMA Online Learning Center by December 31 to claim CME credit for education programs attended at the 2015 OMSS Interim Meeting. Please note that in order to claim credit, you will need to provide the access code for each session, which was included in the education packet distributed at the meeting.

  • View a video tutorial on the process for applying for CME credit in the AMA Online Learning Center.

(3) Complete the meeting evaluation

If you have not already done so, please complete our brief meeting evaluation, the results of which we will use to improve future OMSS meetings.

(4) Download education program presentations and other meeting materials

Note: You must log in to your AMA account to download these documents. If you do not have an AMA account you will be prompted to create one. Creating an AMA account is free and open to both physicians (AMA member and non-member) and non-physician members of the public.

Assembly meeting materials


Meeting handbook

Status Report
(Outlines the status of outstanding OMSS items of business)

Delegate's Report

Education program materials

Legal and ethical issues in telemedicine

The future of quality

Washington update

  • Mr. Deem's presentation - not yet available

Update on the AMA's Strategic Focus Area: Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability

Avera Marshall legal case update: Contractual status of medical staff bylaws

Common bylaws mistakes and how to fix them

Transforming roles in healthcare leadership: How physicians can effectively communicate with non-physician administrative leaders

Physician employment: Key considerations

(5) Become an OMSS representative

Although all AMA members are invited to attend the OMSS meeting, only certified OMSS representatives are permitted to fully participate in the meeting (e.g., submit resolutions, make motions, vote).

OMSS representatives play a key role in the functioning of the Section. In addition to representing the interests and concerns of their medical staffs at biannual OMSS meetings, OMSS representatives serve as a two-way conduit for the transfer of vital information between the OMSS and medical staffs across the country. We hope that you will consider fully participating in the activities of the Section by becoming an OMSS representative today!

Contact the OMSS with any questions about becoming an OMSS representative.