Portrait of Luis T. Sanchez, MD


Members Move Medicine: Treating patients, helping physicians

AMA member Luis T. Sanchez, MD, decided to choose a medical career after seeing a friend with cancer be well treated by his physicians.

Barbara S. Schneidman, MD, MPH


Members Move Medicine: Honoring memory of physician father

AMA member Barbara Schneidman, MD, MPH, has made her mark in the regulatory environment for physicians.

Dr. Kimberly Chernoby has been an AMA member since 2011. She is an emergency medicine resident.


Members Move Medicine: Fighting barriers as physician and attorney

AMA member Kimberly A. Chernoby, MD, JD, has studied medicine and law, making her well-qualified to fight unnecessary interference in patient care.

Siobhan M. Wescott, MD


Members Move Medicine: A mentor to Native American med students

AMA member Siobhan M. Wescott, MD, is working tirelessly to raise the chronically low number of American-Indian students entering medical school.

Betty S. Chu, MD, an ob-gyn


Members Move Medicine: CMO works to help physicians excel

AMA member and chief medical officer Betty S. Chu, MD, reconnects to purpose by speaking with patients in her clinic, during hospital rounds or out in the community.


Understanding the opioid epidemic’s economic toll

Nearly 70,000 people died from drug-related overdose between January 2017 and January 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with about 48,000 related to opioids, the majority of which is due to heroin and illicit fenta

Hank M. Spellman, second-year student


Members Move Medicine: Helping others, hearing their stories

AMA member and medical student Hank M. Spellman is already reaching patients through a nonprofit that raises awareness about public health issues.

Closeup of stethoscope


How to refer a patient with opioid-use disorder to a specialist

Your patient has an opioid-use disorder. Here’s how to find evidence-based care.

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