Tait Shanafelt, MD, on establishing a chief wellness officer

Webinar (series)
Tait Shanafelt, MD, on establishing a chief wellness officer
Oct 21, 2021
STEPS Forward webinar series

On Oct. 21, 2021, the AMA held a webinar in the AMA STEPS Forward™ series: “Establishing a chief wellness officer.”

This webinar outlined a step-by-step guide to laying the groundwork for and establishing a chief wellness officer role in your organization. 

Establishing a chief wellness officer position paves the way for organizations to improve not only care team well-being but also patient experience, health outcomes, retention of key personnel and a strong financial position.



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Tait Shanafelt, MD Chief wellness officer, Stanford Medicine

Tait Shanafelt, MD, is the Jeanie and Stewart Ritchie professor of medicine, chief wellness officer of Stanford Medicine and associate dean at the Stanford School of Medicine. He is an internationally recognized thought leader and researcher in the field of physician well-being and its implications for quality of care. His research in this area has involved physicians at all stages of their career from medical school to practice and has included several multi-center and national studies. Dr. Shanafelt has published over 350 scientific manuscripts and his studies on health care professional well-being have been cited on CNN and in USA Today, U.S. News and The New York Times. In 2018, he was named by TIME Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in health care. Tait has served as a keynote speaker for the ACGME, the Association of American Medical Colleges, the AMA and the American Board of Internal Medicine. 

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