The AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy provides physicians, care teams and health care leaders time-saving practice innovation strategies that promote professional satisfaction, the efficient use of technology, practice sustainability and quality patient care.

Innovation Academy

AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy provides practice resources such as webinars, mentoring, panel discussions, bootcamps, and immersion programs.

The Innovation Academy is part of the AMA STEPS Forward® Program, which offers a collection of engaging and interactive educational toolkits and playbooks that are practical, actionable “how-to” guides to transform and improve your practice.


AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy participants can customize their practice transformation journey through readily accessible online resources that include:

  1. Toolkits and playbooks

    1. The AMA offers more than 70 AMA STEPS Forward® toolkits, as well as numerous success stories, videos, calculators, podcasts, playbooks and downloadable tools to help transform your practice.

  2. Webinars

    1. AMA STEPS Forward®

    2. The AMA STEPS Forward® webinar series delivers interactive instruction from experts who address practical, actionable strategies to transform the medical field and your practice.

    3. Behavioral Health Integration

    4. The Overcoming Obstacles medical webinar series presented by the BHI Collaborative enables physicians to sustain an integrated care delivery model and provides practical solutions to help ensure physician practices can implement an integrated, whole-person, equitable approach to physical and behavioral health care.

    5. Private Practice Simple Solutions

    6. These rapid learning cycles are designed to provide opportunities to implement actionable changes that can immediately increase efficiency in private practices. Each multi-week learning session will be focused on one topic area. Busy private practice physicians can access pre-recorded content presented by subject matter experts at a pace and time that works best for them.

    7. Future of Health Immersion Program

    8. The Future of Health Immersion Program guides physicians, practices and health systems in optimizing and sustaining telehealth through a series of webinars, interactive peer-to-peer learning sessions, virtual discussions and bootcamps.
  3. Bootcamps

    1. The AMA offers a variety of online, short-term skills training programs to help improve practice efficiencies.

  4. Virtual panel discussions

    1. Through the AMA’s Physician Innovation Network (PIN), virtual panel discussions are hosted on relevant industry topics. These discussions are asynchronous and bring together industry experts and interested participants to engage in a transcribed discussion.

  5. Mentoring for impact

    1. The AMA’s Mentoring for Impact program (PDF) provides virtual meetings with a Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability Group physician who can help develop a customized approach to remove obstacles that interfere with patient care. For more information, email [email protected].

  6. Expert speaking engagements

    1. The AMA’s Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability physician experts are available to speak at engagements and offer real-world experience, insights and actionable steps to improve digital health, practice sustainability and practice transformation.

  7. Recognition of participation certificate

    1. The AMA STEPS Forward® Recognition of Participation certificate serves to provide recognition to physicians, care teams and health care leaders who have participated in three or more activities as part of the AMA STEPS Forward Innovation Academy.

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