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AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy: Mentoring for Impact


The AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy’s Mentoring for Impact (PDF) program offers no-cost support to transform physician-led teams, practices, and patient experience to save time and provide great quality care. Our physician advisors provide one-on-one conversations (remotely or in-person) tailored to address your team’s unique challenges and strategic priorities. 

See what participants are saying:

“I not only learned so much about how to improve work-life balance for our clinicians but also how to best implement and ‘sell’ the change to our operational leaders. I would highly recommend this program to any physician-leader or physician group looking to make a positive impact on both clinicians and patients.”

“Very helpful to learn from others and leverage the AMA and its national thought leaders and playbooks to help overcome institutional inertia.”

“It was an excellent experience to work with the AMA, and specifically to have an expert at each of our meetings. We all learned a lot and improved efficiencies incredibly in the process.”

Mentoring for Impact

The ability to deliver great quality care is the main driver of physician well-being. The AMA can help. 

Mentoring for Impact

Focus areas include:

  • Implement and improve team-based care
  • Help your physicians spend less time in the EHR
  • Debunk regulatory myths and get rid of unnecessary tasks
  • Overcome common barriers to practice transformation
  • Make the business case for improving physician well-being

Mentoring for Impact can help you and your team more effectively engage colleagues, lead change management, and implement time-saving practice solutions. Support is tailored to your team’s challenges, and engagement frequency and duration are customized to meet your needs.

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