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James L. Madara, MD, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President, Pathology, Full Bio

Vacant, Senior Vice President & Editor-in-Chief, Scientific Publications

Todd Askew, Senior Vice President, Advocacy

Toni Canada, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Services

Thomas J. Easley, Senior Vice President, Publishing and Mission Operations; Executive Publisher, JAMA Network™

Thomas Giannulli, MD, MS, Chief Medical Information Officer-IHMI

Denise M. Hagerty, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH, Senior Vice President & Chief Health Equity Officer

Laurie McGraw, Senior Vice President, Health Solutions

Kenneth J. Sharigian, Chief Strategy Officer & Chair of Operating Committee

Rodrigo A. Sierra, Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

Todd Unger, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer

Brian D. Vandenberg, Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Leslie A. Weber, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Jon Burkhart, Group Vice President, Chief of Staff

Vacant, Group Vice President, Chief Health & Science Officer

Karen S. Kmetik, PhD, Group Vice President, Health Outcomes

Pamela T. Moy, Group Vice President & General Manager, AMA Insurance Agency

Vacant, Group Vice President, Medical Education

Michael A. Tutty, PhD, Group Vice President, Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability

AMA Business Solutions

Laurie McGraw, Senior Vice President, AMA Health Solutions Group

AMA Foundation

R. Barkley Payne, Executive Director, AMA Foundation

AMA Insurance Agency, Inc.

Pamela T. Moy, Group Vice President & General Manager AMA Insurance Agency

Health2047, Inc.

Lawrence K. Cohen, PhD, CEO and Director, Health 2047 Inc.

Political affairs/AMPAC

Kevin L. Walker, Vice President, Political Affairs & Executive Director, AMPAC

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