Enhancing Integrated Behavioral Health Care with Digital Therapeutics

Webinar (series)
Enhancing Integrated Behavioral Health Care with Digital Therapeutics
Jun 29, 2023
Enhancing Integrated Behavioral Health Care with Digital Therapeutics

The U.S. continues to face a behavioral health crisis with more people than ever (incl. adults, children, and teens) struggling with their behavioral health. Yet, existing systems are failing to meet this need for whole-person care, particularly given the current shortage of behavioral health clinicians.   

Adoption of behavioral health integration (BHI) by physician practices is an essential solution to reaching more individuals who need treatment and solving this growing crisis. The incorporation of technology, including digital therapeutics (DTx), can also help enhance such efforts.  

Expanding on the AMA and Manatt Health’s report on digitally enabled BHI, audiences will learn how DTx solutions can be leveraged by primary care physicians to improve care coordination and treatment for their patients, as well as advance the overall value and impact of BHI for their practices. This includes case studies from DTx companies (and their practice partners) on how they work effectively together to support this growing patient need.  

  • Benjamin Alouf, MDchief medical officer, Limbix  
  • Chris Botts, senior manager of care delivery/payment, American Medical Association  
  • Robert Cuyler,PhD, chief clinical officer, Freespira, Inc  
  • Dawn-Marie GotkiewiczMD, pediatrician, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  
  • Lani Hessen, OTR/L, vice president of patient access, Digital Therapeutics Alliance  
  • Pooja Raghani, MS, PsyDdirector of industry affairs, Digital Therapeutics Alliance  

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