Engaging patients in psychosocial interventions

Webinar (series)
Actionable Insights: Key Steps to Engaging Patients in Psychosocial Interventions
Mar 23, 2023

Experts discuss the spectrum of brief psychosocial interventions (i.e., psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, and shared decision making), along with how best to use these to help address behavioral health needs for both adult and pediatric patient populations.

The webinar also explores the foundational features, limited requisite skills/training, and helpful tools for physicians to effectively deliver these evidence-based interventions within a single patient appointment.

Download the webinar slides (PDF).

  • Cody Hostutler, PhD, Pediatric Primary Care Psychologist 
  • Patrick Raue, PhD, Director, National Network of PST Clinicians, Trainers & Researchers

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