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Specialty Profiles

Medical specialty choice: Make the most of informational interviews

Gleaning insights while in medical school from physicians already practicing a medical specialty is far preferable to “if I only knew” moments later.

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Medical School Life

Our 10 most popular stories of 2018

Physician burnout. Picking a medical specialty. Making romance work in medical residency. These topics drew your eyes this year. Find out what else did.

Specialty Profiles

What we learned about medical specialty choice in 2018

From burnout to payouts, this was a big year for coverage of specialty specific data. Here are a fewer of our greatest hits.

Specialty Profiles

What it’s like to specialize in medical genetics: Shadowing Dr. Abbott

Mary-Alice Abbott, MD, PhD, says that medical genetics allows you to practice at the cutting edge of science during an incredible time in medicine.


Resident & Student Finance

6 things medical students should know about physician compensation

Looking to erase a significant amount of medical student loan debt? Learn how to maximize your earnings as a practicing physician.

Specialty Profiles

What it’s like in pediatric critical care: Shadowing Dr. Kuppy

Joanna Kuppy, MD, says she loves the acuity and thinking involved with pediatric critical care medicine, but her favorite thing is seeing children come back to visit after recovery.

Women physician talking to patient

Specialty Profiles

These medical specialties have the biggest gender imbalances

Which medical specialties are most popular among male and female physicians entering residency? Let’s review the data.

Specialty Profiles

What it’s like to specialize in urology: Shadowing Dr. Terlecki

Ryan Terlecki, MD, says urologists must feel comfortable discussing deeply intimate health issues with patients.

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