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The AMA’s Physician Well-Being Program aims to raise awareness, advance knowledge and catalyze change to reduce burnout and promote joy, meaning and purpose for physicians, practices and health systems.

Creating thriving practices

Learn more about the AMA’s efforts to improve professional satisfaction and practice sustainability.

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The AMA grounds its practice transformation work in ongoing research in professional satisfaction and organizational well-being, helping to identify system-level drivers associated with burnout, consequences when burnout is not addressed, and strategies organizations can implement for effective and sustainable changes in the well-being of their physicians and care teams.

Some examples of AMA's latest research include the following:

For more information, read AMA's professional satisfaction and practice sustainability research synopsis (PDF).

The AMA Organizational Biopsy® is a no-cost, validated assessment tool developed to support organizations in holistically measuring and taking action to improve the well-being of their organization. The Organizational Biopsy provides a comprehensive, customizable assessment across four domains:

  • Organizational Culture (leadership, teamwork, trust, etc.)
  • Practice Efficiency (team structure, team stability, workflows, etc.)
  • Self-Care (post-traumatic stress, post-traumatic growth, work-life balance, etc.)
  • Retention (work intentions)

The AMA STEPS Forward® Program offers open-access practice innovation strategies that allow physicians and their teams to thrive in the evolving health care environment. Physicians looking to refocus their practice can find practical, actionable steps to implementation with toolkits and playbooks, podcasts, webinars, interactive tools and more.

Key AMA STEPS Forward resources

  • Playbook Series: Comprehensive guides on saving time, taming the EHR, digital health implementation, wellness-centered leadership, and starting and sustaining a private practice.
  • Podcast Series: Health care leaders share personal stories, tips and insights on overcoming common practice challenges in this weekly podcast.
  • Innovation Academy: Subject matter experts lead webinars, learning collaboratives, boot camps and more that promote professional satisfaction, efficient use of technology, practice sustainability and quality patient care.

The AMA Debunking Regulatory Myths series reduces regulatory guesswork by helping physicians and care teams quickly and easily understand ever-changing medical regulatory requirements.

The AMA also helps combat physician burnout by advocating against administrative burden, shaping more than 40 policies and securing 12 regulatory victories

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The AMA Joy in Medicine™ Health System Recognition Program serves as a strategic roadmap (PDF) to support organizations in their journey to improve professional satisfaction and organizational well-being. The goal of the program is to unite the health care community in building a culture committed to increasing joy in medicine for the profession nationwide.

Since the program’s launch in 2019, more than 100 health systems nationwide have been recognized for their dedication to building well-being and reducing physician burnout in their organization.

The AMA is a proud co-sponsor of two prominent conferences focused specifically on combating physician burnout and improving physician health and well-being.

International Conference on Physician Health™

Oct. 17-19, 2024 | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The biennial International Conference on Physician Health™, co-sponsored by the Canadian Medical Association, British Medical Association and American Medical Association, supports doctors and medical students in creating better working environments for themselves and their colleagues.

American Conference on Physician Health

Sept. 11-13, 2025 | Boston, MA

The biennial American Conference on Physician Health (ACPH), sponsored by Stanford Medicine, the American Medical Association and Mayo Clinic, promotes scientific research and discourse on health system infrastructure and actionable steps organizations can take to improve physician well-being.

Please email [email protected] with questions about either of these conferences.

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