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Specialty Profiles

These medical specialties have the biggest gender imbalances

Which medical specialties are most popular among male and female physicians entering residency? Let’s review the data.

Mildred M.G. Olivier, MD


Members Move Medicine: Reducing disparities in the profession

AMA member Mildred Olivier, MD, was inspired by her Haitian-born parents to join the field of medicine and remains involved in global health.

Physician Diversity

Why women physicians need to know the business side of health care

Barbara L. McAneny, MD, president of the AMA, emphasizes that if women physicians can speak the language of business, they can speak the language of power.

Physician Diversity

To make a difference for women in medicine, address implicit bias

Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, president-elect of the AMA addresses the need to look on many fronts at implicit bias against women in medicine.

Women Physicians

Women in Medicine

Join the AMA Women Physicians Section in honoring physicians who have offered their time, expertise and support to advance women in medicine.

Physician Diversity

There’s gender bias in medical research. Here are 3 keys to fix it.

There are not enough women included in research. Here is how physicians and health professionals can fix this sex and gender bias.

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Physician Diversity

Challenging gender bias in the house of medicine

All physicians, men and women, earned the same title through a rigorous and universal standard. That standard should apply to opportunities and compensation.

Women in Medicine timeline

Physician Diversity

Timeline of women in medicine

September is the AMA’s Women in Medicine Month, which celebrates the accomplishments of—and showcases advocacy for—female physicians.

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