Remote Patient Monitoring Playbook implementation

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These subsequent six steps focus on operationalizing remote patient monitoring (RPM) and the unique considerations relevant to successfully integrating that technology into practice. The first six steps are fundamental to the planning of remote patient monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring Implementation Playbook

A digital health solution that captures and records patient physiologic data outside of a traditional health care environment.

You have to intimately understand and appreciate how a process works from the perspective of the patient, providers and caregivers and each operational stakeholder before you can improve or replace it. —Omid Toloui, vice president of digital health, CareMore


What will you need to integrate this technology?

Although each organization’s workfow will look diferent, there are key questions and criteria to keep in mind when building an RPM-inclusive workfow.

Focus on how to document an updated workflow for RPM.

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Does everyone know what they need to do to make this successful?

Thorough workflow and technical training lead to successful RPM integration. 

Explore how members of the care team contribute to your RPM and how to maximize their role

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What does the patient need to know? Strategically engage patients to maximize the impact of RPM.

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Put your new workflows to the test. Particularly with RPM, you’ll focus your energy on supporting patients as they onboard, managing incoming data and communicating results to physicians in a clinically relevant way.




Did it work? Determine your program’s success by revisiting your goals.

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What's next?

As you scale, focus on growing smart, not fast. Leverage your success metrics to position your program for expansion. Consider other areas remote patient monitoring can improve your practice. 

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