Since 2010, there has been over $100 billion of venture funding invested in digital health companies. Yet despite this growth and the desire from patients and physicians for progress to continue, the health care system still struggles to address the ongoing health care challenges of access, quality, outcomes, affordability and equity, even with the introduction of new digital health tools.

AMA Future of Health Report

Explore insights from the AMA’s Future of Health Report, Closing the Digital Health Disconnect: A Blueprint for Optimizing Digitally Enabled Care

Through research, the Future of Health blueprint has been developed to address the digital health disconnect and achieve optimized digitally enabled care.

The AMA is committed to continuing to develop resources and insights, advocate for policy changes that support the future of health and bring diverse perspectives across the industry to the table to keep building on this work. Join us by expressing your interest to commit to the Future of Health pillars (PDF).

Future of Health: Foundational pillars

How is digital health care changing? AMA continues to prepare and inform physicians by providing high-value insights and actionable resources.

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