Case studies: Digitally enabled care in action

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Cross-industry sharing of best practices ensures progress towards achieving optimal digitally enabled care that works for physicians, care teams and patients.

Case studies help bring to life real-world examples of what’s working and identify where key gaps and opportunities for optimization still exist. 

The case studies below highlight successful collaborations between health systems or physician practices and digital health companies that are providing digitally enabled care and driving the future of health.

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Future of Health case study: Atrium Health

Discover how Atrium Health's innovative Hospital at Home (AH-HaH) program is transforming health care delivery by leveraging a strategic partnership with a technology company. This case study (PDF) explores the program's success in providing quality care, improving patient outcomes, and reducing hospital costs through a combination of in-person and virtual consultations, remote patient monitoring kits and seamless integration with electronic health records.

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Future of Health case study: Concert Health

Concert Health, a virtual behavioral health medical group, is revolutionizing health care by integrating virtual services with primary care to enhance access to evidence-based behavioral health treatment. This case study (PDF) delves into Concert Health's utilization of the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), showcasing its impact in improving clinical outcomes and creating transdisciplinary care experiences for both patients and physicians.

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Future of Health case study: Ochsner Health

Explore how Ochsner Health has launched the Connected Maternity Online Monitoring (MOM) program to advance maternal health care in Louisiana and Mississippi. This case study (PDF) dives into how digital tools are improving maternal health outcomes by remotely monitoring pregnant patients and reducing the need for in-person visits.

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Future of Health case study: Omada Health

Omada Health, an evidence-based virtual care provider, is transforming chronic care management by offering supplemental support for their patients. This case study (PDF) explores Omada Health's innovative approach, leveraging data-powered human coaching, connected devices, and enhanced care coordination, as well as successful partnerships with health care organizations like Castell and Intermountain Health.

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Future of Health case study: Oshi Health 

Discover the transformative impact of Oshi Health, a virtual GI clinic redefining patient care by working closely with patients and their existing care teams to supplement traditional services with high-frequency, high-touch support between office visits. This case study (PDF) delves into Oshi Health's innovative hybrid model, where a multidisciplinary care team collaborates on iterative care plans, integrating digital symptom tracking, and 24/7 messaging to improve patient outcomes, enhance experiences, and reduce avoidable costs. 

Future of Health case examples: One Medical and Mayo Clinic

Find how One Medical and Mayo Clinic implemented care models that leverage digital care and illustrate several of the foundational pillars, in the Future of Health Report case examples (PDF).

The following organizations are driving the future of health by measuring impact of their virtual care programs.

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