Steven J. Stack, MD

Steven J. Stack, MD

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Former President, American Medical Association,
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Dr. Stack, an emergency physician residing in Lexington, Kentucky, became the 170th president of the American Medical Association in June 2015.

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Physicians and veterinarians join forces for wellness

A joint column from the leadership of the American Medical Association and American Veterinary Medical Association calls for both professions to break down the stigma of mental health and lead colleagues on a path to wellness.


Preventing gun violence is all about saving lives

AMA Immediate-Past President Steven J. Stack, MD, discusses a physician’s special role in preventing gun violence as a public health issue. Citing testimony by several physicians, Dr. Stack points to AMA policy and other efforts designed to save lives from gun violence.


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Proposed changes to the physician payment system in Medicare are historic. They present opportunities to build an environment that fosters greater physician satisfaction.


Raw data not enough to determine physician competency

Patients should have access to reliable information about physicians’ competency. State regulatory agencies ─ not raw data from Practitioner Data Bank ─ are best positioned to offer well-balanced information.


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Physicians need to ensure their practices are prepared for evolving technology, increased patient demands and shifting payment models, Here are 5 things every modern practice will need to thrive.


Guarding the patient-physician relationship amidst seismic change

AMA President Steven J. Stack, MD, addressed the seismic changes occurring in our health care system and how important it is that the centrality of the patient-physician relationship is not compromised in the midst of this transformation.