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Michael Winters was a contributing writer for the AMA in 2016.

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Measuring moral choices by physicians: Standing up for patients

Standing up for what’s best for patients tests a physician’s moral courage. Study measures choices interns and residents make when faced with threats, concerns about evaluations, and risk to reputations.


Challenge to medical liability law could complicate discovery

State supreme court of Florida studies challenge to pre-suit investigation requiring plaintiff to authorize release of confidential health information as a condition of bringing a lawsuit for medical liability.

Transition to Practice

Pitching medical technology ideas to venture capitalists

You’ve a great tech idea to improve patient care but need investors. Pitching an idea to venture capitalists is outside a physician’s comfort zone. Besides a business plan, what else do you need to get their attention?


Supercharge career skills at the AMA Research Symposium

The chance to present your research to a panel of experts is an excellent way for medical residents to builds skills, networks and careers. Submit your work to the AMA Research Symposium.

Scope of Practice

3 ways to battle the “July effect” in teaching hospitals

Each July new medical residents start work and struggle with efficiency, quality and patient safety. Hospitals see costs, stays and patient mortality peak. Three policies address the “July effect” to make transition to residency easier.
Four physicians have discussion around a laptop.

Public Health

Treatment to prevent at-risk patients from contracting HIV: Getting the word out

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a safe and effective medication that can prevent at-risk patients from contracting HIV. Adoption by primary care physicians has been slow.

Medical School Life

Med students learn tips on social media

A session at the AMA 2016 Annual Meeting gave med students tips on how to navigate a variety of social media platforms. Guidance covered how to use social media to advocate for patients and avoid a negative reputation online.

Public Health

How to read Nutrition Facts label: Fighting 5 food misconceptions

Sound nutrition helps fight against diabetes and heart disease. The Nutrition Facts label on foods can be a powerful tool. New video from AMA and FDA shows how physicians can educate patients about 5 food myths.