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Contributing News Writer,

Len has been writing about health care, employee benefits and insurance for more than 30 years. He is a longtime member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and associate professor of journalism Emeritus at Columbia College Chicago. Len holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University, a master’s in industrial relations from Loyola University Chicago, and a master’s degree from the Program for Writers at University of Illinois Chicago.

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Private Practices

Why physicians are key to successfully navigating payor audits

Understanding the payor-audit process—and the doctor’s role—can make an audit easier to navigate and resolve. Learn more with the AMA.
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Patient Support & Advocacy

Pandemic helped drive health spending past $4 trillion in 2020

While patients stayed home and skipped nonurgent procedures, the government spent a lot more on public health. Learn more about the AMA’s analysis.
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Population Care

COVID-19 vaccine dosing is top challenge for kids under 5

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Population Care

Is ageism creeping into your care of older adults?

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Private Practices

How to make hybrid work schedules effective in your private practice

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Private Practices

How private practices can adapt amid burnout, staff shortages

The pandemic has posed additional strains on physicians in private practices. New resources and strategies help them stay competitive.
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Precision Medicine

How pharmacogenomics enables precision approach to care

With new CME, learn how pharmacogenomics—matching medications to patient genetics—is improving medical care and treatment adherence.
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Private Practices

When payors audit your private practice, panic is no help

Top legal experts say preparation, record keeping and training are key to relatively successful outcomes with payor audits. Learn more with the AMA.
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