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Len has been writing about health care, employee benefits and insurance for more than 30 years. He is a longtime member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and associate professor of journalism Emeritus at Columbia College Chicago. Len holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University, a master’s in industrial relations from Loyola University Chicago, and a master’s degree from the Program for Writers at University of Illinois Chicago.

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Dr. Fauci: Variants reveal COVID-19 vaccination as global job

The vaccination-versus-mutation race is not being run in the U.S. alone, explains Anthony Fauci, MD, the Biden administration’s chief medical adviser

Patient in hospital

Public Health

Dr. Fauci: 16% boost to vaccine allotments on the way

Manufacturers ramp up production amid encouraging news on third COVID-19 vaccine. AMA’s Dr. Bailey notes need for clear messaging to overcome hesitancy.

Health care professional receiving vaccine.

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Fueling your physician practice gets easier with online lending

Loans available from AMA preferred provider Laurel Road can help medical practices deal with expenses or expand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why physicians should review their insurance in new year

Learn more from the AMA’s insurance experts on the many ways in which physicians and medical students can boost protection and save money.

A house made of wooden blocks with one block labeled '2021' on a white and light blue tiled surface.

Public Health

Why some patients may vacillate on COVID-19 vaccination

Medical mistrust, long-term safety will be part of the conversation in 2021. Here’s how news organizations can help doctors explore them responsibly.

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Public Health

Dr. Fauci: Full COVID-19 impact of holiday gatherings lies ahead

Anthony Fauci, MD, warns that even with SARS-CoV-2 vaccination underway, people must heed public health advice to prevent further spread.

Anthony Fauci, MD


Cyber vulnerability grows along with COVID-19 pandemic stresses

Hospitals and physician practices are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks as the pandemic creates greater demand for telemedicine.

Digital lock

Public Health

Dr. Fauci offers 2021 forecast on COVID-19 vaccines, treatments

In an exclusive interview with AMA CEO James L. Madara, MD, Anthony Fauci, MD, details where things stand on SARS-CoV-2 and where they are headed.

 James L. Madara, MD, Anthony Fauci, MD