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The annual AMA Women in Medicine Month:

  • Serves as a platform to showcase the accomplishments of the #WomenofAMA and all women physicians, residents and medical students
  • Highlights advocacy needs related to professional concerns of women physicians and health issues impacting women patients
  • Brings visibility to the AMA and the work of the Women Physicians Section

This year's theme, “Women in Medicine: Advancing Equity, Building on Change” celebrates women physicians, residents and students throughout the month of September.

Use these sample messages and images, along with the hashtags #WIMMonth and #WomenofAMA, on your own social media channels to honor women in medicine this September.

This September we recognize all the women physicians, residents, and #medstudents working to make health care more equitable. Join me in honoring these trailblazers during #WIMMonth. Get involved: https://www.ama-assn.org/women-medicine-month #WomenofAMA

From clinics to classrooms, thank you to all the women physicians, residents, and #medstudents facing #COVID19 head on, often while juggling multiple responsibilities. Join me in honoring women in medicine this September during #WIMMonth. https://www.ama-assn.org/women-medicine-month #WomenofAMA

Happy Women in Medicine Month. Join me in showcasing the dedication of women in the medical field. https://www.ama-assn.org/women-medicine-month #WIMMonth #WomenofAMA

Celebrate Women

Women in Medicine Month - Advancing Equity, Building on Change in purple and blue text on a white background, surrounded by stylized illustrations of women in medicine

September 2: Happy Women in Medicine Day

September 2: Celebrating Women in Medicine Day

Profile pics & cover photos for the month

Happy Women in Medicine Month - #WIMMonth
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