Woman having blood pressure monitored by physician

View the inspirational profiles of women physician leaders and pioneers, and explore how the medical profession can support women’s success and well-being.

Advancing gender equity in medicine

Learn more about the AMA’s work to advance gender equity in medicine.

Supporting women in medicine

Examine the current challenges faced by women physicians with CME from AMA Ed Hub™.

News for women physicians

Stay in the loop on the latest issues impacting women physicians.

Fostering well-being through connection

Explore ways to encourage physician well-being, improve empathy and mitigate trauma.



Negotiation workshop for women in medicine

This special workshop presents research as well as advice to guide the negotiation process.


Advancing gender equity

Learn ways that medical education, leadership development and medical practice can help promote gender equity in medicine.


The intersection of voting and health

Discover the connection between voting and health, and shared perspective on health care issues impacting women and minorities.



Women physicians leading during crisis

Explore the convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic discrimination and gender inequity.



Unique challenges during COVID-19

Gain insight into the various professional challenges that women physicians face faced since COVID-19.



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