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Senior Physician Section: Member profiles and highlights


Each month, the Senior Physician Section (SPS) highlights members and individuals to showcase their work, current efforts and insights.

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  1. May 2024 member spotlight: J. James Rohack, MD

    1. Dr. Rohack, former AMA president, discusses the importance of leveraging the skills and experiences of senior physicians to address health care challenges and promote equity.

  2. March 2024 member spotlight: Rajendra Trivedi, MD

    1. Dr. Trivedi discusses the activities and advocacy of the Committee on Senior Volunteer Physicians at the Massachusetts Medical Society.
  3. January 2024 member spotlight: Donna Ailport Woodson, MD

    1. Dr. Woodson shares how to have an impact outside the practice of medicine, the importance of physician advocacy and more. 

  1. November-December 2023 spotlight: Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, MD

    1. Dr. Meeks shares the importance of physician advocacy, lessons learned during the pandemic and more. 

  2. October 2023 member spotlight: Thomas G. Peters, MD

    1. Dr. Peters discusses the importance of continued public policy and community engagement to improve access to care.
  3. September 2023 member spotlight: Jean M. Tsigonis, MD

    1. Dr. Tsigonis, SPS liaison from Alaska, shares the importance of physician advocacy, lessons learned during the pandemic and more.
  4. August 2023 member spotlight: Dan Morhaim, MD

    1. Dr. Morhaim discusses serving serving in the Maryland House of Delegates, physician advocacy and today's public health challenges.
  5. July 2023 member spotlight: Steven Mandel, MD

    1. Dr. Mandel shares his experiences serving as an AMA Ambassador and liaison from New York State to the SPS as well as his development of wellness programs for retired physicians.
  6. May 2023 member spotlight: Laurie R. Green

    1. Founder and board chair of the Medical School Alumni Volunteer Network, MAVEN Project, Dr. Green shares how the group got started, how its governed, volunteer opportunities and more.
  7. April 2023 member spotlights: Wyndolyn (Wendy) Bell, MD, and Jan Soapes, MD

    1. Drs. Bell and Soapes discuss the founding of the seniors section of the Georgia chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics.

  8. March 2023 member spotlight: Mary K. McCarthy, MD

    1. As chair of the Committee on Senior Physicians at the Oregon Medical Association, Dr. McCarthy shares how the group got started, its mission, current activities and more.

  9. January 2023 member spotlight: Thomas E. Sullivan, MD

    1. Dr. Sullivan discusses the activities and advocacy efforts of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), of which he is the vice chair of the Committee on Senior Physicians.

  1. November 2022 member spotlight: John A. Minielly, MD

    1. President of the Retired Physician Organization of Tulsa County Medical Society, Dr. Minielly shares how the group got started, how the group is governed and current activities.

  2. October 2022 member spotlight:  Carlos R. Hamilton Jr., MD

    1. Dr. Hamilton, current president of the Retired Physician Organization of Harris County, Texas, discusses the organization's activities, committee details and more. 
  3. September 2022 member spotlight: Barbara L. McAneny, MD

    1. AMA past president Barbara L. McAneny, MD, discusses opportunities for retired physicians, ageism within medicine and memorable leadership lessons.
  4. August 2022 member spotlight: Thomas (Tom) James, III, MD

    1. Dr. James shares a memorable experience submitting his first resolution to the SPS.

  5. July 2022 member spotlight: Matthew D. Gold, MD

    1. Matthew D. Gold, MD, discusses authoring SPS Resolution 113-A–22, and shares insights on leadership lessons learned.

  6. June 2022 member spotlight: Ved V. Gossain, MD

    1. SPS chair-elect Ved V. Gossain, MD, looks at his journey to chair and his priorities for the SPS in 2022.
  7. May 2022 member spotlight: Andrew W. Gurman, MD

    1. AMA past president and SPS member Andrew W. Gurman, discusses lessons learned during the pandemic and in leadership.
  8. April 2022 member spotlight: Ralph R. Ocampo, MD

    1. Ralph R. Ocampo, MD, FACS, shares suggestions to help others cope during COVID-19.
  9. March 2022 member spotlight: Deepak Kumar, MD

    1. SPS member Deepak Kumar, MD, looks at the importance of mentorship and physician well-being.
  10. February 2022 member spotlight: Thomas W. Eppes Jr., MD

    1. Thomas W. Eppes Jr., MD, discusses physician advocacy and addressing COVID-19 through coordinated care in Virginia.
  11. January 2022 member spotlight: Jack Hasson, MD

    1. Learn more about SPS member Jack Hasson, MD, a pulmonologist in an academic outpatient setting.
  1. December 2021 member spotlight: Richard Dart, MD

    1. Learn more about SPS member Richard Dart, MD, an emeritus research clinician at Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation.
  2. October 2021 member spotlight: Carol D. Berkowitz, MD

    1. Learn more about SPS member Carol D. Berkowitz, MD, a pediatrician and past chair of the AMA Council on Medical Education.
  3. September 2021 member spotlight: William L. Hamilton, MD, MBA

    1. Learn more about SPS member William L. Hamilton, MD, MBA, a retired anesthesiologist and past president of the Utah Medical Association.
  4. August 2021 member spotlight: Stephen Rockower, MD

    1. Learn more about SPS member Stephen Rockower, MD, a former president of MedChi, AMPAC board member and AMA ambassador.
  5. February 2021 member spotlight: Art Rousseau, MD

    1. Learn more about SPS member Art Rousseau, MD, a psychiatrist and member of the Oklahoma State Medical Association.
  6. January 2021 member spotlight: John Bramhall, MD, PhD

    1. Learn more about SPS member John Bramhall, MD, PhD, associate medical director of the Harborview Medical Center.
  7. November 2020 member spotlight: Michael L. Carius, MD, FACEP

    1. Learn more about SPS member Michael L. Carius, MD, FACEP, a psychiatrist and member of the Oklahoma State Medical Association.
  8. October 2020 member spotlight: Louise Andrew, MD, JD

    1. Learn more about SPS member Louise Andrew, MD, JD, a retired emergency medicine physician.

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