At the 2016 AMA Interim Meeting, in Orlando, Fla., the AMA Senior Physicians Section (AMA-SPS) Assembly sponsored an educational program entitled, "Stay Young, Stay Fit, Avoid Burnout,” focusing on how doctors’ well-being can have a positive impact on patient care—especially when counseling patients to adopt healthier behaviors to prevent chronic disease.

Robert L. Hatch, MD, professor, director of medical education in the Department of Community Health and Family Medicine at the University of Florida Medical School, spoke on how to ensure that physician wellness is not neglected, either in academic medicine—with its focus on physicians in training—or in physicians approaching semiretirement and retirement.

Former AMA President Robert M. Wah, MD, faculty, reproductive endocrinology and obstetrics-gynecology at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health, addressed the AMA’s recent policy on physician health, which was established by the World Medical Association and developed during his year as president.

The assembly meeting also included discussion of AMA House of Delegates business items and future AMA-SPS activities. SPS Chair Barbara S. Schneidman, MD, from Seattle, Wash., reviewed the election process for the SPS Governing Council opening in early 2017.

The AMA-SPS Governing Council met to complete its strategic planning for the coming year and was led by AMA Board of Trustees liaisons Albert J. Osbahr, III, MD, and Kevin W. Williams. The council also discussed resolutions and reports related to senior physician issues and received an advocacy update from the Washington, D.C., office. Lastly, the Governing Council named Paul H. Wick, MD, chair-elect. Dr. Wick succeeds the late Angus M. McBryde, Jr., MD.

Thousands of physicians 65 and older participate in educational topics and affect policy relevant to senior physicians through the AMA-SPS.

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