The AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) provides useful resources for its members. Student leaders create informational issue briefs and presentations that provide a brief summary of issues of importance to its members. For additional information on these topics, please contact the MSS.

Medical Student National Advocacy Week, Oct. 12–16, 2020

Starting Oct. 12, over 55,000 medical student members of the AMA will stand together to promote health and facilitate real advocacy at medical schools around the country. The theme for 2020's National Advocacy Week is: “Moving forward and redefining health care." 

Visit the National Advocacy Week page for registration, schedule of events and the action kit.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) advocacy

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 capped the number of resident physicians each teaching hospital could claim for reimbursement under Medicare. Since Medicare does not reimburse teaching hospitals for training residents beyond the capped number of GME slots, core GME training programs have experienced minimum growth. In order to ensure an adequate number of physicians are available to meet the future needs of the U.S. population, the cap on GME slots must be lifted and adequate GME funding must be protected.

Find more information on what AMA is doing to advocate for graduate medical education.

Save GME

Visit the Save GME website and find out what you can do to let your congressional leaders know the importance of GME to the future of U.S. health care.

MSS policy

Policies adopted by the MSS Assembly provide a framework for the priorities and activities of the section. MSS policies are distinct from the official policies of the American Medical Association, which are set by the AMA House of Delegates.

Submit an action item

The MSS Governing Council wants every MSS member's voice to be heard and provides an online form to give attention to each member's ideas.

Governing council action item request

If you have a concern or new idea you would like addressed or brought to the attention of the AMA, just fill out the form.

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