The AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) provides useful resources for its members. Student leaders create informational issue briefs and presentations that provide a brief summary of issues of importance to its members. For additional information on these topics, please contact the MSS.

The MSS Governing Council wants every MSS member's voice to be heard. If you have a concern or new idea you would like addressed or brought to the attention of the MSS, fill out the action item request form.

Before submitting the form make sure to:

Policies adopted by the MSS Assembly provide a framework for the priorities and activities of the section. MSS policies are distinct from the official policies of the American Medical Association, which are set by the AMA House of Delegates.

Learn how the medical students worked to implement policy related to racial and health inequities.


If you have a question or correction for the MSS Digest of Actions, please complete and submit the discrepancy form.

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