Jasmin Eatman

Emory University School of Medicine

AMA Affiliated Groups

Student Representative/Minority Affairs Section Governing Council,
Medical Student Section (MSS) Councilors & Representatives
[email protected]
Medical Student Section Representative,
Minority Affairs Section (MAS) Governing Council

Jasmin Eatman, a member of the Medical Student Section Councilors and Representatives at the American Medical Association, is a student representative on the Minority Affairs Section Governing Council.

The MAS is a member interest group within the AMA dedicated to addressing the issues and concerns of underrepresented minority physicians and improving the health of minority populations.

Jasmin Eatman is a graduate of Spelman College where she received a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in neuroscience. Upon graduation, she was accepted into Emory University School of Medicine’s MD/PhD program. Eatman deferred her matriculation into medical school for one year and, during this time, she lived and worked in Ecuador as a medical volunteer. She is currently a fifth year (M3G2) in the MD/PhD program at Emory Rollins School of Public Health at the Emory University School of Medicine. Her doctoral thesis focuses on analytic models that capture toxic chemical and psychosocial exposures, including gender and racial discrimination, and their impacts on Black maternal morbidity.

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