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The AMA is your powerful ally from the classroom to Match, through residency and beyond. Through tireless advocacy, meaningful connections and valuable resources, we are helping reshape our health care system to better take care of medical students like you. 

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AMA Research Challenge

The AMA Research Challenge is the largest national, multi-specialty medical research conference for medical students and residents to showcase and present research. 

Don’t stress. Learn more about prepping for exams–what to expect, how to study and more.

U.S. Capitol

AMA provides opportunities to develop your skills and advocate for patients and the profession. The AMA Medical Student Advocacy Conference (MAC) is a yearly event for medical students to:

  • Learn how to be a successful public health advocate.
  • Advocate for change on health policy issues that impact medicine.
  • Participate in meetings with legislators on Capitol Hill.

You are unique. Follow your passions, tell your story and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Healthy, balanced and happy medical students are essential to the future of medicine. We offer guidance and resources to support you throughout your medical school journey.

AMA is your ally on the journey to medical school, residency and beyond. Join the AMA and get access to leadership training, increase relevant skills and network with peers.

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