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The AMA is your powerful ally from the classroom to Match, through residency and beyond. Through tireless advocacy, meaningful connections and valuable resources, we are helping reshape our health care system to better take care of medical students like you.

Whether it’s choosing the physician specialty that fits best, preparing for residency interviews or mastering your rank-order list, the AMA helps medical students, IMGs and others navigate their way to a successful residency. 

Access resources from the AMA to successfully navigate your Match journey and beyond.

U.S. Capitol

AMA provides opportunities to develop your skills and advocate for patients and the profession. The AMA Medical Student Advocacy Conference (MAC) is a yearly event for medical students to:

  • Learn how to be a successful public health advocate.
  • Advocate for change on health policy issues that impact medicine.
  • Participate in meetings with legislators on Capitol Hill.

 The 2023 conference was held March 2-3, 2023. Learn more.

We know residency is a big deal. Fear not–the AMA has tips, tricks and tools to set you up for success.

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You are essential to the future of medicine, invest in yourself with AMA guidance and resources to keep you happy and healthy on your road to residency.

AMA is your ally on the journey to medical school, residency and beyond. Join the AMA and get access to leadership training, increase relevant skills and network with peers.

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