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The Litigation Center

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The Litigation Center of the American Medical Association and State Medical Societies is the voice of America's medical profession in legal proceedings across the country. The mission of the Litigation Center is to represent the interests of the medical profession in the courts. It brings lawsuits, files amicus briefs and otherwise provides support or becomes actively involved in litigation of general importance to physicians.

Litigation Center Case Summary Finder

Search cases either by topic or by specific case name.

The Litigation Center's docket of cases casts a wide net over the medical-legal landscape, including physician payment issues, medical staff privileges, medical liability issues, peer review and scope-of-practice matters, among many other topics.  

The Litigation Center is always looking for new and interesting cases to support. Visit the cases selection criteria page for details on the requirements.

Contact Information

Litigation Center
Phone: (312) 464-4110
Litigation Center staff

Leonard A. Nelson, director
email: [email protected]

Marilou Gleeson, research associate
email: [email protected]

Virginia Evans, staff assistant
email: [email protected]

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