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FREIDA™ Program Director Resources

View and modify program director and contact person information, such as name and address, or post a vacant position on FREIDA.
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View Your Listing

Visit FREIDA and search for your program’s ACGME 10-digit program identifier.

If your program is not on FREIDA, and it was newly accredited by the ACGME within the past few months, email [email protected] with your 10-digit program ID number and contact information.

Modify Your Listing

FREIDA information comes primarily from the GME Track program survey. Log in—do not create an account—to edit basic program information.

Graphic showing how to edit FREIDA program information.

Contact us at [email protected] for any login questions—a personal AMA web account login will not allow access to modify basic program information.

Basic information includes:

  • Names of program director and contact person
  • Contact information
  • Whether the program is accepting applications

Modify expanded program information by emailing Include your ACGME 10-digit program ID.

Post a Vacant Position

Post a vacant position—one left unfilled after the Match or one that became vacant during the year.

Submitted information will be reviewed before the change or vacant position appears.

View Expanded Listing Sample

Download an Expanded Program Listing Sample (PDF) or contact [email protected] for more information on how to expand your program’s listing.

The National GME Census

The American Medical Association (AMA) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) jointly conduct the National GME Census. The primary data collection mechanism for the census is through the AAMC's GME Track, a secure web-based application that, among other services, includes the Program Survey and Resident Survey modules.

In May 2018, GME program directors and institutional sponsors received an email with details and dates of the National GME Census. The Program Survey portion became available for update on May 16, 2018. Programs that complete and approve their Program Survey on or before July 11 have their program information uploaded to FREIDA in August.

A second FREIDA update occurs in October for those who completed their survey by Sept. 30. A final upload for the 2018 version of FREIDA will take place in February 2019. Programs can make edits to their program information throughout the year.

For questions about GME Track, phone (202) 862-6171 or email [email protected]. For questions regarding the National GME Census, call the Census Support Hotline at (800) 866-6793, or email [email protected].

The AMA understands that all institutions listed in FREIDA are required by law to include the phrase “EEO/M/F/D/V” on any information that is used for public view.

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