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Career Planning Resource

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If navigating career milestones starts to feel like an uphill journey, look to the Career Planning Resource for support.

This resource provides guidance to students, residents, fellows and young physicians as they manage and prepare for a medical career.

Get Ready to Succeed

Explore the milestones from medical school to practice. Learn what to expect and how to prepare.

A medical student reviews notes on his laptop before class.

Take the Most Efficient Route

The Career Planning Resource includes expertise in various areas.

Preparing for Residency

  • Preparing for the USMLE®
  • Scheduling Rotations
  • Choosing a Medical Specialty
  • Applying for Residency

Resident Life

  • Understanding Licensure and Certification
  • Comparing Medical Practice Settings
  • Finding Fellowship Programs

Preparing for Practice

  • Writing a CV
  • Understanding Employment Contracts
  • Writing a Business Plan
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