Advocacy Update

March 18, 2022: Advocacy Update other news


As Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 13-19) comes to a close, it is important to remember that cybersecurity is a key patient safety issue. The AMA has curated resources and has tips for physicians and health care staff to protect patient health records and other data from cyberattacks. Access resources from HHS and from the AMA, including technology considerations, how to improve your cybersecurity practices, a cybersecurity checklist for office computers, working from home considerations and more. 

The AMA’s regulatory myths series provides physicians and their care teams with resources to reduce guesswork and administrative burdens so they can focus on streamlining clinical workflow processes, improving patient outcomes and increasing physician satisfaction. The latest myths in the series focus on whether clinical support staff are required to log out of the EHR between documentation and other clinical tasks, and if there are regulatory prohibitions on the use of verbal orders. 

Physician practices across the country continue to operate in an atmosphere of uncertainty, now compounded by a staffing crisis due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. In the latest AMA STEPS Forward™ webinar, “Navigating the Current Health care Landscape: COVID-19, Staffing Crisis and Administrative Burden,” attendees will hear about the current health care workforce landscape, how to plan for workplace shortages and best practices in workplace safety and efficiencies for staff. The webinar also features practical, actionable resources to transform and improve your practice.