Advocacy Update

Jan. 7, 2022: Advocacy Update other news


Two new podcasts in the AMA’s podcast series on ReachMD, Perspectives with the AMA, are now available. “Evaluating the present and future of Medicare coverage of telehealth services” discusses how access to telehealth services that have been expanded during COVID-19 have changed—and what is on the horizon for telehealth access. “What to know about the No Surprises Act” covers the new legislation, the current status of its implementation and associated progress and challenges.    

A new Mayo Clinic Proceedings article led by the AMA explores the relationship between COVID-related stress and work intentions of U.S. health care workers. The article found that physicians, nurses and advanced practice providers are at the highest risk of reducing clinical work hours or leaving their practice, with 1-in-5 physicians and 2-in-5 nurses intending to leave their practice altogether. Factors associated with a greater intention to reduce work hours or leave a practice include higher levels of burnout, stress, workload, fear of infection, anxiety or depression due to COVID-19 and the number of years in practice.

The article concluded that organizations should implement measures to enhance health care workers’ sense of value, create supportive environments and reduce work overload through better teamwork to reduce stress and prevent turnover.