Improve GME

Compendium of graduate medical education initiatives: AMA initiatives


Learn more about the AMA's efforts to improve GME.

The aim of this five-year, $15-million grant program is to significantly improve GME through bold, rigorously evaluated innovations that align residency training with the needs of patients, communities and the rapidly changing health care environment.

2023 Compendium of GME Initiatives Report

Learn more about the AMA's efforts for improving graduate medical education (GME). is a grassroots advocacy platform with resources and messaging that medical students and residents can use to urge Congress not to make cuts to GME.



Medical students gather each year at MAC to advocate for increased GME funding and learn about relevant legislation and lobby their members of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Learn more about AMA's efforts for improving GME with the Compendium of Graduate Medical Education Initiatives Report (PDF).