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Morehouse School of Medicine is increasing its class size and the number of community-based sites participating in the educational process. The goal is to expand the school's social mission while enhancing community-engaged training.

2019 spring consortium meeting

Poster presented: Categorizing Exam Questions to Guide Student Learning (PDF)

Need/gap addressed: 

A structure for adding category assignments to exam questions was developed and adopted. These category assignments are used across the medical school curriculum and are linked to course learning outcomes. The category assignments are added to exam questions within the exam delivery platform ExamSoft (©ExamSoftWorldwide). Question performance by category can be assessed through Examsoft and displayed in an educational tracking and reporting program called ProgressIQ (© Academic Progress Intelligence).

The purpose for this category assignment structure was threefold:

  1. To provide students, faculty, and advisers with data regarding student’s strengths and weaknesses by learning outcome.
  2. To provide prescriptive interventions to students based on learning outcomes strengths and weaknesses.
  3. To provide learning outcomes data that are key to driving improvement of the curriculum and instructional practices.

Principal investigator: Martha Elks, MD, PhD senior associate dean, educational affairs

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