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"We thought it was a great idea for Indiana University, but it turns out that multiple other medical schools also think it's a good idea and want to implement the system that we're developing in their medical schools."

Blaine Takesue, MD

The Indiana University School of Medicine's initiative creates a virtual health care system (vHS) and the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform to ensure competencies in system-, team- and population-based health care as well as clinical decision-making.

2019 spring consortium meeting

Poster presented: Indiana University School of Medicine—Education Innovation (PDF)

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Pharmacogenetics: Surveys have shown that most health care providers believe genomics is an important part of health but are not comfortable recommending genomics-based testing or treatment. This lack of confidence stems from a lack of training. Therefore, we think it critical to start genomics training early in medical school and continue education through GME training and into practice (CME).

Population health: IUSM is in a unique position to take advantage of the population and provider demographics as well as the broad distribution of faculty expertise and experience at the nine campuses that are geographically distributed in Indiana. The overarching project goal was to increase the relationship between IUSM faculty, learners and the affiliated community partners. Additionally, this project enhanced students’ opportunities for community engagement while teaching them lifelong skills in the impact of social determinants of health. Plans are underway to increase the opportunities for student engagement with community health issues.

Value-based care: Value-based care has become a health care delivery model increasingly used by health care agencies, replacing the traditional fee for-service system by rewarding providers and their facilities based on achieving quality standards in patient care. Since 2012, the integration of this model across the country has spanned initiatives driven to improve outcomes of the population at reduced costs. It is critical that today’s learners be aware of this model, preparing them for the health care delivery of their futures.

Principal investigator: Bradley Allen, MD, PhD
Senior associate dean for medical student education

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