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Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine has launched the Green Family Foundation Neighborhood Health Education and Learning Program (NHELP). The curriculum focuses on the social and behavioral determinants of health to provide a longitudinal and interprofessional service learning experience for medical students.

2019 spring consortium meeting

Poster presented: Assessment of Interprofessional Collaboration and Other Household-Centered Professional Activities (PDF)

Need/gap addressed:

  • To align NeighborhoodHELP activities with the AAMC Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency including History and Physical (EPA1), Oral presentation (EPA6), Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration (EPA 9) and Informed Consent (EPA 11)
  • Continue to assess student interprofessional learning and interprofessional performance over time through the household activity rubric and Community Engaged NeighborhoodHELP Interprofessional Questionnaire (CENIQ)
  • Explore potential relationship between CENIQ and EPA 9 Assessments

Principal investigator: Onelia G. Lage, MD

Vice chair of education

Department of Humanities, Health & Society

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