The AMA is collaborating with medical schools to accelerate change in medical education and create a system that trains physicians to meet the needs of today's patients and anticipate future changes. 

The AMA launched the “Accelerating Change in Medical Education” initiative in 2013. After awarding initial grants to 11 medical schools from across the country, the AMA brought these schools together to form the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium—a unique, innovative collaboration that allowed for the sharing and dissemination of groundbreaking ideas and projects. Another 21 schools were added in 2016, and five were added in 2019.

See the complete list of 37 medical schools working together to create the medical schools of the future and transform physician training.

Consortium schools are working together to develop common solutions to transform medical education in key areas. Learn about the AMA initiative to improve medical education and the medical schools selected to share ideas and new practices for better physician instruction.

Learn how the consortium is evaluating its impact so that evidence-basedbest practices can be developed, evaluated, shared and implemented across all medical schools: Creating a Community of Innovation (PDF).

Read papers about the work of the consortium in the Creating a Community of Innovation: Annotated Bibliography, 2nd Edition (PDF).

Read the submissions to the Accelerating Change in Medical Education Health Systems Science Student Impact Competition (PDF) and learn about medical students changing the health system and improving the lives of others.

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