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For more than half a century, the AMA Guides® have been the accepted authority on permanent loss of function and are relied on by physicians for assessment of permanent impairment.  The AMA Guides incorporate science, evidence-based medicine and assessment tools to provide a rigorous methodology to enable a fair and consistent evaluation.

An editorial panel comprised of knowledgeable physicians and advanced practice professionals will curate the AMA Guides to ensure update transparency and to deliver timely enhancements to the AMA Guides reflecting current evidence-based medical practice.

The panel was selected through a rigorous process, which included a broad solicitation of nominations from more than 200 medical organizations reflecting the communities the AMA Guides serve.

The panel will periodically publish a set of editorial priorities that will inform the broader stakeholder community of the panel’s focus. The priorities will focus on areas where additional guidance is most needed while publishing content on a consistent cadence in recognition of state regulatory considerations.

The AMA is committed to ensuring all our relevant stakeholders have a seat at the table, including organizations that represent the interests of the workers’ compensation, state regulation and legal communities.

Submit a proposal for consideration or send comments to the editorial panel.

In conjunction with their combined expertise across a variety of medical disciplines, the AMA Guides Editorial Panel has adopted a comprehensive set of standards by which content proposals will be accepted.

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