Council on Long Range Planning & Development

Council on Long Range Planning & Development (CLRPD) Projects


The Council on Long Range Planning and Development (CLRPD) works on projects based on actions of the AMA House of Delegates or Board of Trustees.

Some of the current projects of the CLRPD include:

Artificial and Augmented Intelligence (AI): Due to the complexity of the field, the council developed A Primer on Artificial and Augmented Intelligence (PDF), which provides a history, definitions and components, and the status of AI in health care. Additionally, CLRPD postulated ways the field may progress, including the identification of opportunities and challenges for physicians.

The council subsequently developed the report, Generative AI in Medicine and Health Care (PDF), which provides information on the fundamentals of generative AI including terminologies and components, definitions, prominent models, promises, challenges, and pitfalls.

Governance of AMA Groups and Sections: CLRPD responds to resolutions from the AMA House of Delegates and the AMA Board of Trustees regarding a change in status for an existing AMA group or the creation of a new section. The council conducts an analysis for addressing these requests and provides a clear process for groups seeking a formalized role within the AMA in the Establishment and Function of Sections report (PDF), adopted at the 2010 Interim Meeting of the House of Delegates.

Demographic Report: The council provides a biennial demographic analysis of the AMA House of Delegates and AMA Leadership. Download the 2023 Demographic Report (PDF) to learn more about the demographic changes of physician delegates in the AMA.

Medical Supply Chain: The council developed a primer on the medical supply chain (PDF) to provide some history of medical supply chain shortages, the structure of the medical supply chain, globalization of the U.S. medical supply chain, causes and consequences of failures, U.S. governmental actions to mitigate issues, and onshoring and nearshoring strategies for the U.S. medical supply chain.

Additional resources

To form a new section within the AMA, download the Letter of Application for Section Status (DOCX).

Delineated sections need to verify their qualifications for section status every five years. To begin the process, download the Letter of Application for Renewal of Delineated Section Status (DOC).