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Leadership Viewpoints

Unlocking the potential of digital health care

Health disparities lurk behind hopes for telemedicine and health care AI, writes AMA President-elect Patrice A. Harris, MD. Asking the right questions is critical.


Leveraging technology to better monitor and treat patients

Kelly Santomas, MS, RN, senior director of Partners Connected Health, looks at the necessity of using technology to better serve patients.


Navigating the digital health landscape

Meg Barron, director of digital health strategy for the AMA, talks about how the AMA has been working on key initiatives to ensure the effectiveness and trust of developing health technology.

Leadership Viewpoints

Confronting harassment within medicine head on

The AMA House of Delegates took unanimous action on the issue, reaffirming the Association’s age-old commitment to equity, fairness and respect.

Physician Diversity

Why women physicians need to know the business side of health care

Barbara L. McAneny, MD, president of the AMA, emphasizes that if women physicians can speak the language of business, they can speak the language of power.

Physician Diversity

To make a difference for women in medicine, address implicit bias

Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, president-elect of the AMA addresses the need to look on many fronts at implicit bias against women in medicine.

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Physician Diversity

Challenging gender bias in the house of medicine

All physicians, men and women, earned the same title through a rigorous and universal standard. That standard should apply to opportunities and compensation.


Looking at global perspectives for diabetes prevention

Charles Alessi, MD, chief clinical officer for HIMSS International, details the importance of a global perspective in preventing diabetes.

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