Payment & Delivery Models

Moving the U.S. health care system to a value-based approach

David Nash, MD, founding dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health in Philadelphia, looks at why health care needs to shift to a value-based approach.

Unbalanced scales of justice.

Leadership Viewpoints

About AMA’s amicus brief to defend patients’ ACA coverage

AMA joins other physician organizations to defend vital protections for millions of patients, including those who have pre-existing conditions.


3 digital health trends that are transforming patient care

Michael Hodgkins, MD, AMA chief medical information officer, details how digital health will cause the medical profession to shift and evolve.


Moving digital tools beyond the exam room & into patient's home

Michael Hodgkins, MD, MPH, AMA chief medical information officer, talks about the necessity of developing guidelines for safe and effective mobile health apps.


Driving data and technology to enhance care & reduce physician burden

Laurie McGraw, AMA senior vice president, Health Solutions, tells us about the four things that physicians want to know when it comes to innovation.


Placing physicians at the front line of health care innovation

James L. Madara, MD, AMA CEO, explains why the physician perspective is paramount to developing effective and manageable health care innovations.

Medical professional rests hand on patient's shoulder.

Leadership Viewpoints

On Doctors’ Day and every day: To improve care, meet physician needs

The bureaucracy of modern medicine inflicts a mounting toll on physicians. The AMA arms doctors with relevant, cutting-edge tools, information and resources to rekindle a joy in medicine.

David Barbe, past president of the AMA, makes a point during a recent conference.

Leadership Viewpoints

10 key issues where you can help move medicine in 2018

The AMA is pursuing an ambitious agenda to reform payment systems, cut red tape, end the opioid epidemic and protect health care coverage. Here is how you can get involved.

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