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Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) Leadership Opportunities

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Become a Member or Renew

Make an impact in your career and support residency issues by becoming an AMA member or renewing your membership.

The Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) is now accepting applications for several leadership positions. All applications are due April 23, 2018.

Apply to be a Member of the RFS Governing Council

Become involved with the RFS at the highest level. The RFS Governing Council is responsible for directing the programs and activities of the RFS. Governing council members attend the AMA Annual and Interim Meetings (at least 4 days each) and 1 governing council meeting (2 weekend days), and take part in various conference calls and regular email communication. Descriptions for each position are located in the RFS Internal Operating Procedures.

The following positions are available. The term for these positions is 1 year.

  • Vice chair
  • Delegate
  • Alternate delegate
  • Speaker
  • Vice speaker
  • Member-at-large

Self-nomination is permissible

Apply for a Resident Position on AMPAC

The RFS representative will serve a 2-year term on this 12 member committee. Applicants are reviewed by the RFS Governing Council and send nominations to the AMA Board of Trustees who appoint the position. The AMA created AMPAC in 1961 to strengthen the cause of organized medicine by making campaign contributions to medicine friendly candidates running for the U.S. House or Senate. AMPAC has expanded its focus to include maximizing political education and political participation of physicians and medical students, through the AMPAC Candidate's Workshop and AMPAC Campaign School.

Apply to be a Temporary or Alternate Delegate

The AMA temporary alternate delegate(s) to the House of Delegates (HOD) from the RFS will be elected by the governing council to serve only at the Annual Meeting. The elected alternate delegate(s) will be a representative of and be seated with their state or specialty delegation. The endorsement of your state or specialty society verifies that the state delegation is aware of your candidacy, and is willing to accept and include you as a part of the delegation.

Apply for the Convention Committees

The RFS is now accepting applications for convention committee leadership and members for the RFS 2018 Annual Meeting. Convention committees are vital to the operation of the Assembly. Positions are available on the:

  • Credentials Committee
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Reference Committee
  • Rules Committee

Apply to be an RFS Assembly At-Large Delegate

At-large delegates to the RFS Assembly will be appointed by the governing council to serve only at the Annual Meeting. RFS assembly at-large delegates fully participate in the Assembly as valued RFS members without representing state or specialty Societies.

AMA members can apply for these positions if they have not received delegate endorsement from their state or specialty society because of:

  • Relocation due to a transition from medical school to residency
  • Relocation due to a transition from residency to fellowship
  • Being a first-time attendee
  • Being a direct AMA member (not involved at the state or specialty society levels)

Learn more about the RFS leadership structure and process.

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