The AMA Research Challenge—the largest national, multispecialty research event for medical students, residents and fellows, and international medical graduates. It offers young and aspiring physicians a chance to showcase their research on a significant stage.

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In addition, a grand prize of $10,000, sponsored by Laurel Road, will be awarded to the winner of this year’s event. The deadline for abstract submissions is July 27.

What will it take to earn that prize? An incredible research project. Here’s a look at some of the methods that will help entrants come out on top.

  1. Make your research stand out

    1. As a medical student or resident, your forays into a research project can have many outlets when those projects are completed. Those outlets include poster competitions like the AMA Research Challenge—getting recognized in a competition can enhance one’s resume.
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  2. Start strong by acing your abstract

    1. When you aim to have your poster presentation showcased, submitting an abstract is the first step. In a way, it is your research’s first impression. Some keys are being certain to adhere to the rules and regulations and triple-checking for typos.
  3. Create a compelling presentation

    1. Learning how to do a poster presentation means finding the best way to present the information so that your work can be distinguished from the competition. Expert tips include thinking through your visuals and being selective with the information you include on your poster.
  4. Understand what judges covet

    1. A knowledge of why judges selected winners in past AMA Research Challenges might be a good step toward creating a presentation that will resonate in the 2021 version of the event.

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Learn more about how to prepare an abstract and review the abstracts of last year’s co-winners:

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