Physician Professional Data™

Ensuring physician database privacy


For more than 60 years, the AMA has licensed its AMA Physician Professional Data™, formerly known as AMA Physician Masterfile, to the health care community to serve the public good and the medical industry. Through the AMA Privacy Policy, physicians are provided a means to control access to their Physician Professional Data information, as well as the prescribing data appended to it by third parties and used by pharmaceutical sales representatives. 

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The types of licensing organizations that use the Physician Professional Data include hospitals, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and supply companies, consultants, market researchers, insurance companies, commercial organizations, medical publishers, CME providers, physician recruiters and investment firms and other entities.

Use of the Physician Professional Data is controlled through stringent database licensing (DBL) agreements. Physicians may update or view their information by visiting the Online Data Collection Center.

The AMA began licensing its Physician Professional Data to external users more than 60 years ago. Today, the AMA has license agreements with database licensees (DBLs) who specialize in a variety of marketing services for the medical community.

For the list of DBLs, review the AMA Database Licensees (PDF) document.

The AMA also developed a set of best practices guidelines for the use of prescribing data by industry. These guidelines reinforce to the pharmaceutical industry the responsible use of these data.

Through the licensees, the Physician Professional Data has been made available to hospitals, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and supply companies and other institutions interested in supplying goods and services to medical community. AMA's database licensees specialize in direct mail, sales call reporting and other database marketing services.

Companies and organizations interested in becoming a database licensee can email an inquiry to AMA Database Licensing.

The AMA and its various affiliates respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it at all times. The AMA Data Licensing Privacy Notice (PDF) addresses important information about AMA data collection, maintenance and licensing, AMA security procedures and the distribution of AMA physician data.

It also gives physicians and medical students the option to restrict unwanted correspondence or opt out of having their information routinely licensed. Physicians may place a request to add a Do Not Contact (DOC) or Do Not Release (DOC) restriction to their AMA Physician Professional Data record.

To submit the "Do Not Contact" form via mail or fax, print the form and mail or fax it. You can also set up the "No Contact" restriction by calling AMA at (800) 621-8335.

In 2006, the privacy notice was enhanced to include information on the AMA's Physician Data Restriction Program. The program empowers physicians by allowing them to restrict pharmaceutical sales representatives from accessing their prescribing data.

If you wish to discontinue receiving future faxed advertisements from the AMA, please fill out an opt-out request. As required by law we will comply with your request within the shortest reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days.