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The American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) credentialing portfolio includes AMA Physician Profiles, AMA Physician Assistant Profiles, Reappointment Profiles, Continuous Monitoring Service, AMA Profiles Hub, the standards met by AMA products, AMA Physician Professional Data™, integration with credentialing software organizations, VeriCre™ and much more. 

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Developed by the AMA, VeriCre is a credentials wallet that streamlines the credentialing process to improve verification efficiency and avoid redundancy for physicians, hospitals, and health plans, allowing patients to receive care sooner.

VeriCre pre-fills physician applications with authoritative, verified AMA data, reducing administrative burden for physicians and medical staff professionals. 

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VeriCre streamlines the credentialing process for physicians, hospitals, and health plans.

From the AMA Profiles Hub, you may purchase:

  • AMA Physician Profiles
  • AMA Physician Reappointment Profiles
  • Continuous Monitoring Service for physician profiles
  • AMA Physician Assistant Profiles

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